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The AFI Conservatory offers scholarship support to incoming and current Fellows. Scholarships are awarded based on both financial need, demonstrated talent, and range from $2,500 up to full tuition. Several scholarships are available for Fellows from underrepresented communities, specific nationalities and Conservatory disciplines. The AFI Conservatory is a need-blind institution. Scholarship or financial need is not taken into consideration during the admissions process and would never be used in hindrance to an applicant’s admissions decision.

Scholarships awarded to first-year Fellows are renewable in the second year provided the recipient maintains satisfactory academic progress. After you submit your admissions application to apply for AFI Scholarship funds, a prospective Fellow must submit the AFI Conservatory scholarship application by February 1, 2021. Notification of scholarship awards will be sent out after an admissions decision has been rendered and admitted Fellows will receive notification if they have been awarded a scholarship or not. AFI Scholarship consideration is open to domestic and international applicants. Late applications may not be considered.

Scholarship selection is determined by the AFI Conservatory Scholarship Committee with advisement from select scholarship donors on a case-by-case basis.

Some of the scholarships available include the following. Please do not contact donors directly or address your scholarship application to a specific donor or award. With any questions, contact

  • The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has been awarding production and screenwriting grants to filmmakers since 1997. The Sloan Film Program aims to influence the next generation of filmmakers to tackle science and technology themes and characters, to increase visibility for feature films that depict this subject matter, and to develop new work that can be produced and released theatrically. The goal of AFI’s Sloan Tuition Scholarship is to help AFI Fellows who are transitioning from science and technology backgrounds to film careers, to tell stories that accurately and compellingly portray science and technology in a real (non-science fiction) manner, in any genre, that is geared towards the general filmgoing public.
  • The Paul and Monica Bancroft Family Foundation Scholarship, supporting women of color studying at the AFI Conservatory.
  • The Jane Stewart Endowed Scholarship, providing tuition relief to female Fellows studying in the Production Design discipline.
  • The Tom Yoda Scholarship Award, given to five Fellows each year — a first year Fellow from Japan, and four non-Japanese Fellows in their first or second year of study.
  • Daniel and Dorothea Petrie Endowed Scholarship, awarded to a Directing Fellow from an underserved community in film and television.
  • Women In Film/Tichi-Wilkerson Kassel Endowed Scholarship, providing tuition relief to one female Fellow in any discipline.
  • The Auerbach-Stuart Family Endowed Scholarship, given to one international Fellow each year.

Scholarship Resources

Resources for International Fellows

The following is a list of scholarship and educational loan resources for International Fellows.


Educational Loans

There are a limited number of U.S. based educational loans available to international students. These loans generally require that you have the support of a cosigner who is a legal resident of the United States with good credit. AFI does not partner with or endorse any of these lenders.